When it comes to costumes our Black Male Strippers know the perfect location to get fitted, have alterations made and even specially designed costumes. Orange County costumes not only hand make the velcro pull off attire for our male strippers but they also have 30 or more costumes available 24/7 for our naughty customers to choose from. Our Orange County department of costumes sit with our male entertainers on a weekly basis to make sure all attire is in tacked and pull off ready as to some parties get so wild the exotic dancers attire will have rips and tears by the end of the night. Some of the most requested strip attire for our male strippers are the cop, fireman, military, and black punisher. When the male dancer arrives to your Southern California event, they will be dressed with all props on hand and ready to party hardy like never before.
Voted Sexiest Black Male Exotic Dancer's in Southern California
Here at Chocolates Finest strippers you could choose your ebony guy with over 30 diffrent costumes for Bachelorette Party - Bridal Shower - Divorce Party - Birthday Party - Or just for your horny Ladies night out.
100% real Black Male Entertainers!!
Over 30 Black Stripper Costumes



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